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Types of Gift Cards

You are looking for gift card software. The first question you need to answer is how you want the customer to handle the money that is on that card. Do you want the customer to have to come back to your store to buy merchandise or do you want the customer to be able to use the card at any merchant or ATM?

Gift Cards serve a number of different functions.

A hair salon uses gift cards as a marketing ploy. They hand out one free service cards at community events to prospective customers and to employers in the area. Every time one of the cards gets used, they track where the card was handed out and verify that their marketing efforts are working.

They want a card that can only be used at their salon. This is best served by a Single Merchant System.

A small restaurant chain uses gift cards to bring back customers. They sell these cards at the front desk and hand out $10 cards at community events. The cards can be used at any of the restaurants in the chain. This is where the Multiple Store System really shines.

A moving company wanted to use a gift card to provide refunds to unhappy customers. By using a card, the company did not need to let the drivers have a bunch of cash. To make the cards the most useful to the customers, they wanted cards that could be used anywhere. This is best served by Visa / MasterCard / Discover / Amex branded cards. These are only available through their proper representatives (banks, credit card processing representative, etc.) It is not possible to purchase software that will allow you to create your own "use anywhere" cards.
(Ok, if you really want to get technical, you will need to be both an issuing bank on the credit card network and an acquirer. Yes, you can purchase software to become that, but we are talking about multiple millions of dollars for such.)

Give us a call to talk over your needs and your budget.

There are also those who are selling gift cards to merchants. If you are an ISP, the question is, "what are your goals?" For example, we had one ISP that simply wanted to have the widest usable cards and simply wanted to focus on the selling. That person would be best served by the Use Any Where cards, but would face that such cards do not offer the sales person a lot of profit. Other ISP's see how much money such cards cost and want more of that in their pocket.

Whether you are planning to sell to small retailers, restaurant chains, or major entities, we can provide you with the technology to get the job done right. We provided the technology for systems as small as 50 retailers and for those selling to major brands. We have a stand alone PC gift card system for a single retailer.