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Gift Card Software Overview

Gift card software keeps track of the value of each gift card using some database. In most cases, a gift card simply has an identification number on it (in the magnetic stripe or in a bar code).

To sell a card, the card is read at the point of sale and the amount to put on it is sent to the database. The clerk hands the card to the customer who can give it to the person they want to. Later on, the card holder will bring the card back to the store and try to use it to purchase goods or services. The point of sale will read that number and use it to look up in the database what the current value is and verify that the card has enough value to make the desired purchase. The card does not keep the value on it.

There are cases where the card does keep the value. In order to have the value on the card, the card contains a chip. As those cards are significantly more expensive than a simple magnetic stripe card or a bar code printed card, they are used only in those cases where the communication is less reliable than in most places.

Once the software has verified that enough value is on the card, it subtracts the current purchase from the card and returns the balance.

You have a number of choices as to what software to use for the gift card processing.